Bombshell Bruisers went to Copenhagen!

Our A-Team recently travelled to Copenhagen. Thank you to everybody who helped us get there.

LBRG hosted their first home game!

In our first home game of the season the Damebusters (our B-Team) took the win!

Two European Trips for the Bombshell Bruisers

The Bombshell Bruisers (Our A-Team) travelled twice to Europe this year. This time for their first ever WFTDA tournament!

Our Junior League (Bombinos) set a first!

Our junior league (10-17) host the first interleague scrimmage in Europe!

LBRG take on Liverpool Roller Birds Twice!

Double win on away ground for the Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls travel teams.
Please contact us for details on the photographers who kindly shot these photographs.