order generic Lyrica Blog 1: Hungry Like The Wolf

source link Reading my teammates comments for International Woman’s Day last week has inspired me to write this blog and think about what is driving us at the minute. The commitment, passion and friendships of all my teammates is what inspires me to want to be the best captain I can be. These women give up their weekends and their spare time for this team, supporting each other and pushing each other forward.

At the start of this season I set out with a determination to win, not for me but for them. Last season we didn’t win one game, narrowly missing out on points. This was heartbreaking. How can we turn this around I thought. After a lot of late nights, discussions and planning for this season we are finally on the road to where we want to be. Our first target was getting through day 1 of British champs. We were playing Suffolk who we lost to at the end of last season, loosing by just a few heartbreaking points on the last Jam. We should not have lost and we had a score to settle, and what a score we did. Winning by 80 points and holding the lead the entire game I was super super proud of each and every player. Suffolk are such a lovely team to play but they are also tough women with a lot of fight and a lot of heart, they really brought it back in the second half and narrowed their loss, but it was too late.

I’ve never cried so much after a game, I looked at my Vice Captain Mizza Murica and we knew we were on the right tracks and had done a good job, we hugged for ages, tears rolling down and feeling that hard work fall into place.

We knew Suffolk would be hard but we had our fans behind us, we were on our home turf and we had prepped more than we had ever prepped before. I read a post by Suffolk Punch the Captain of SRD who said we looked “hungry” and I couldn’t think of a more perfect word to sum up our team right now. Hungry is exactly how we feel and how we need to stay. I don’t know what the rest of the season holds for us as we are playing teams we have never played before but no bout will be without fight, it will not be without preparation and it will not be without supporting and inspiring each other along the way. Our team is growing and it is learning and we are doing it together. The team have done this for themselves and they have earned it and will continue to earn it as the season progresses. Win or lose we have come so far already and I for one am very excited to see what happens next.

Ken’tush This –  LBRG Captain