“So my Derby story began with a lack of motivation to start running again after having my daughter. I only ever ran 5Ks and Park Runs so hardly a pro.

Surprisingly, most people laughed at me – possibly because I have a reputation for injuring myself; falling over thin air, walking into stuff, generally damaging myself even when sober…

Not sure my mum will ever approve! But I’m an ‘adult’ now so off I go!

My first day at recruitment was a whirlwind of excitement, demos from the team, explanation of the rules (6months on and I still only know a handful!) and above all- smiling, laughing girls rolling around on skates and loving it!

Watching the girls push, shove and fall was insane, I hadn’t a clue what was going on, even with Razzo explaining it to us as it happened?!

But I loved that everyone just got straight back up and no one was embarrassed.

Learning how to fall felt ridiculous, but doing that in the first session meant I lost all fear of falling because I knew how to safely and wouldn’t hurt myself. I felt like Bambi, still do. But I’d rather have a go and fall, than just gently skate round safely.

Learning how to stop is equally important – I went boob-first into the wall during recruitment! Ouch!
I’m now quite proud of my Most Fearless newbie medal 

Since then, I’ve missed a lot of sessions and almost packed it all in, life can easily get in the way. Yet as soon as I put the skates back on I remember why I love it – I’m addicted!

Now I’m starting every Saturday morning, itching to get on (my own!!) roller skates and get back on the track with the most friendly, hilarious, gorgeous team and inspiring coaches!  Thanks guys

Although I knew no one when I started I now feel I have a Derby family, who laugh with me and give me confidence to carry on!

And I’ve finally dragged my sister into it now!

Pictured: My most fearless newbie medal, modelled by Felicity aka Velociraptor.